Thinking About Having a Boudoir Experience? | Raleigh, North Carolina | Boudoir Photographer


(But you aren't sure what happens next)

You've been contemplating booking your Boudoir Experience, looked around and have started to like the idea of having a session yourself. You may have even gone as far as opening up and filling out the booking inquiry form but didn't submit it because you wanted to know a little more about what to expect after you did. Here's a brief guide to give you a general idea of what's to come. Rest assured, after you hit that submit button it only gets easier.

Once you inquire about booking a Boudoir Experience, I'll reach out to you and we'll set up a time and place to meet and get to know a little bit about each other. This is a time for me to learn more about the look you're after and what you're wanting to accomplish from the session. If you're not quite sure, that's perfectly ok. I'll help guide you in a direction you're happy about. We'll also go over a bit about my process during the shoot itself. To wrap up this meeting, I'll go over the contract with you (you'll get an emailed copy beforehand to look over as well) and we'll set a date for your shoot.

After we've decided on a day for your Boudoir Experience, we'll then start planning out your shoot. We'll talk about different outfits to wear so that you'll look your very best. If you want to have your Boudoir Experience at a location other than your home, I'm here to help with that too! I can provide different suggestions and options that will allow the shoot to be everything you want. 

Now it's time for the real fun! The day of your session; where all the planning comes together and you're really going to feel amazing about yourself! This is also the easiest part for you. We'll talk for a little as we decide which of the outfits you've picked to start with first. From there, I'll guide you through different poses (we'll start with something simple to help you relax), what to do with your hands, facial expressions, where to look and everything else. There will also be quite a bit of laughter mixed in too. You might not feel like a model going into the session, but I promise you will by the end.


Once the shoot is finished, we'll set up a time to meet again about 7 to 10 days out and you'll get to see all of your edited images. We'll go through all of them once so you can sit back (if possible), enjoy them, and not have to think about anything but how amazing you look. After that, we'll go through each one individually and you can pick out your favorites! Then we'll decide which luxurious album you'd like as well as any other options you'd like to choose. Once we decide all that, I'll get everything ordered and you'll have those stunning images in your hands in about 12 to 15 days!

As always, I'm here to answer your questions at any time before, during, or after we meet. I can't wait to hear from you!