8 Reasons NOT to have a Boudoir Experience | Raleigh, North Carolina | Boudoir Photographer

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(And Why They're Really Just Excuses)

Now that I've caught your attention, I wanted to take a moment of your time to address some of the reasons I hear quite often when it comes to not having a Boudoir Experience. Honestly, I've still yet to hear one that I feel is a good reason. It's not an exhaustive list, but just the ones I hear most often. So bare with me (see what I did there) and lets get started.


1. "I need to lose some weight first." This is probably the one I hear most often. There's nothing wrong with wanting to lose that extra (insert number of pounds here), but the shoot is so much more than just the shape of your body. It's about capturing who you are; your laugh, your smile, and most importantly, your personality. Basically everything that makes you, well you! I'll guide you through different poses and my use of lighting as well as image composition will have you looking your very best. You're not defined by your size and it shouldn't keep you from feeling like the amazing person you already are!

2. "I'm too shy."  Most people who come to me are nervous. I mean, it's only natural to have that feeling since you're probably taking a step (or two) outside of your comfort zone. But after 5 or 10 minutes into the shoot, you're laughing, having fun, and have forgotten that you're in some rather revealing attire. I promise you it will be difficult to hold onto any of that nervous energy especially after I demonstrate a pose or two! One thing is for sure, you'll be in a safe, fun, non-judgemental environment where you'll have the opportunity to feel beautiful, valued and happy you didn't let your "shyness" keep you from this experience. 


3. "I shouldn't spend money on myself/I can't afford it." This is another one I hear quite often. It's understandable, I mean, we all feel a little guilty when it comes to spending money on ourselves. But do we not enjoy spending money on things to feel better about ourselves? Well that's exactly what this is! Think of it as a lasting boost of self-confidence that you can look back on at any time! As for not being able to afford it, you could skip the Starbucks for a month and brew coffee at home. You could also pass on that designer piece of clothing, accessory, shoes, or whatever that's just going to go out of style next year or even next season. One thing is for certain, you're not going out of style! A little investment in yourself that you can look back on months, years, and even decades down the road and feel wonderful about is definitely worth it.

4. "I don't want my photos all over the internet." Your privacy is something that I take very seriously! I understand that having a Boudoir Experience is very personal in nature and you are in complete control over where your images end up after your shoot. I only use images when I have full consent from my clients. I even offer a completely offline option for your images as well for an added layer of privacy.

5. "I'm not young enough for that." A Boudoir Experience is something for women of all ages. And lets face it, there's a certain sensuality and confidence that you can only gain throughout the years. It's something that should be embraced and that you want to show off. We'll work together and select the best outfits to ensure that your best assets are shown off and that you look and feel absolutely amazing!


6. "I don't have anyone to give it to." Having a significant other to give the images to can be a compelling reason for having a shoot. When it comes down to it though, most women will admit after the shoot that it's really a gift for them and, its the best gift they've ever given themselves! Many will even come back and want to do another shoot because of how empowering it feels.  There's nothing better than giving yourself the gift of self-confidence.

7. "But I'm not sexy/photogenic." Here's one I can certainly relate to! Believe it or not, when the camera starts pointing my direction, I'm the first to duck and cover. Not to worry though, because when I'm behind the camera, it's a completely different story. I'll be guiding you every step of the way to help you see a side of yourself you may not have thought was possible. Everyone you see throughout my site are real everyday women; they aren't models and are no different from you! Just bring your true self to the shoot and you'll be surprised at just how sexy you really are!

8. "I don't have anything sexy to wear/I don't do lingerie." Not wearing anything is certainly an option! In all seriousness though, the shoot isn't about going out and reinventing yourself. If lingerie isn't your thing, we'll work together to figure out what your version of sexy is all about. It could be your favorite outfit (deconstructed a bit), a jacket you really like, or anything else. The most important thing is we bring out "you" in the images. 

As I mentioned at the start of this, it's far from an exhaustive list. If you have any other reasons you can think of I'll be more than happy to discuss them over with you. Just send me an email!